Blog 2 – towing companies Run Out of Petrol and Need a Tow to the Nearest Gas Station?

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How to Use a Tow Strap Should All the Towing Companies You Ring Let You Down

A tow strap can be useful getting you out of a jam. Should you find yourself stuck, a tow strap can save you all the headaches and frustration. Should your car break down, use a tow strap to get the car in a safer position so you can contact your local towing companies and have them tow it back.
Most vehicles have a mounting point at the back of the car. It is sometimes attached to the bumper mountings or nearby.

Attach the towing strap hook to one of these locations only.
Never pull a vehicle with a tow strap that does not have a driver in it.
Never use a tow strap speeding.

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